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Welcome to the Beauty of Indiana: Discover 6 State Parks Near Terre Haute

Terre Haute, Indiana, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering a range of outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery. With its state parks situated near Terre Haute, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, explore hiking trails, indulge in camping adventures, or simply relax in the midst of picturesque landscapes. Join me as we journey through the best state parks that Terre Haute has to offer, and experience the true essence of Indiana’s beauty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Terre Haute, Indiana is home to several stunning state parks that offer a variety of outdoor activities.
  • From Chain O’ Lakes State Park to Indiana Dunes State Park, there is something for everyone near Terre Haute
  • These state parks provide opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and more.
  • Discover the natural wonders of Terre Haute while enjoying the beauty of Indiana.
  • Immerse yourself in the diverse ecosystems and stunning landscapes near Terre Haute

Chain O’ Lakes State Park

Located near Terre Haute, Chain O’ Lakes State Park is a true gem for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The park gets its name from its impressive chain of thirteen interconnected lakes, providing endless opportunities for water-based activities.

Boating, fishing, and swimming are popular pastimes at Chain O’ Lakes State Park. Whether you prefer to cast a line and reel in a big catch or simply relax on a boat, the crystal-clear lakes offer a tranquil and picturesque setting for all.

Hikers and nature enthusiasts will find plenty to explore in the park’s beautiful surroundings. With well-marked trails winding through lush forests, visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and discover hidden treasures along the way.

For those who wish to spend more time in this natural paradise, camping facilities are available. Set up your tent or RV and experience the serenity of sleeping under a starlit sky, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

If you’re looking for a getaway that combines breathtaking scenery, outdoor activities, and tranquility, Chain O’ Lakes State Park is the perfect destination. Unwind, connect with nature, and create unforgettable memories in this Terre Haute camping haven.

Experience the Beauty of the Chain O’ Lakes State Park:

  1. Explore the interconnected lakes by boat and soak up the scenic vistas.
  2. Cast your line and enjoy a day of fishing in the peaceful waters.
  3. Take a refreshing swim in one of the pristine lakes.
  4. Embark on a hiking adventure through the park’s picturesque trails.
  5. Set up camp and spend a night under the stars, surrounded by nature.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Located along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes State Park is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts near Terre Haute. Spanning over 16,000 acres, this expansive state park offers a diverse range of recreational activities and breathtaking natural beauty.

One of the main attractions of Indiana Dunes State Park is its three miles of sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking with family and friends. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat, and the soft sand is ideal for building sandcastles or simply relaxing by the shore.

For those who prefer to explore the park’s unique ecosystems, Indiana Dunes State Park is home to stunning dunes that rise up to 200 feet above the lake. Hiking enthusiasts will delight in the park’s extensive trail system, which offers opportunities to discover the diverse flora and fauna that call this park home.

Allow the tranquil sounds of nature to guide you through the park’s forests and wetlands, or embark on a bird-watching adventure to catch a glimpse of some of the over 350 species that have been spotted in the area. With its rich biodiversity and pristine habitats, Indiana Dunes State Park is a haven for nature lovers and photographers seeking to capture the beauty of Terre Haute’s natural surroundings.

“The land within the park once belonged to Henry Cowles, a renowned botanist known for his studies of the plant communities of the dunes,” said Mark Johnson, a park ranger at Indiana Dunes State Park. “Visitors can explore the Cowles Bog Trail, named after him, which leads through an impressive wetland area.”

Indiana Dunes State Park

Outdoor Activities at Indiana Dunes State Park:

  • Hiking: Explore the park’s network of trails and discover its diverse ecosystems.
  • Bird-watching: Spot a wide variety of bird species, from shorebirds to migratory songbirds.
  • Swimming: Take a dip in the refreshing waters of Lake Michigan.
  • Picnicking: Enjoy a meal amidst the park’s stunning natural scenery.

Experience the wonders of Indiana Dunes State Park and immerse yourself in the beauty of Terre Haute’s great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility, this remarkable state park offers something for everyone.

Shakamak State Park

Shakamak State Park, situated in Jasonville near Terre Haute, is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and relaxation. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Indiana, this state park offers a diverse range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

One of the highlights of Shakamak State Park is its beautiful lakes, providing ample opportunities for fishing and boating enthusiasts. Cast your line into the tranquil waters, surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful serenity. Whether you prefer reeling in a trophy catch or simply spending a leisurely day on the water, Shakamak State Park offers a picturesque setting for your fishing adventures.

For those who prefer to explore the park on foot, Shakamak State Park features scenic hiking trails that wind through the woods, revealing stunning vistas and captivating wildlife. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure through nature, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of Terre Haute’s natural beauty.

Shakamak State Park

If you’re seeking some respite from the summer heat, the park’s swimming pool provides a refreshing oasis. Cool off with a dip in the crystal-clear waters or relax on a lounge chair by the poolside, enjoying the sunshine and gentle breeze.

For an extra dose of excitement, Shakamak State Park even boasts a water slide, providing thrills and entertainment for visitors of all ages. Feel the rush as you zoom down the slide, making lasting memories with family and friends.

When it comes time to rest and rejuvenate, Shakamak State Park offers a range of camping options. Whether you prefer pitch a tent or set up your RV, you’ll find well-equipped campsites surrounded by nature. Spend an unforgettable night under the stars, telling stories around the campfire and enjoying the tranquility of the park.

At Shakamak State Park, the possibilities are endless. With its stunning lakes, scenic hiking trails, refreshing swimming pool, exhilarating water slide, and camping facilities, this park truly has something for everyone in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park, located in Southern Indiana near Terre Haute, is a nature lover’s paradise. This stunning park is famous for its cascading waterfalls and offers breathtaking views of the Ohio River. With its diverse landscape and abundant wildlife, Clifty Falls State Park provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration.

One of the main attractions of Clifty Falls State Park is its hiking trails, which meander through lush forests and lead to picturesque viewpoints. Lace up your boots and embark on a scenic adventure, immersing yourself in the beauty of the park’s natural surroundings.

For those seeking a more tranquil experience, Clifty Falls State Park offers peaceful picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy a meal amidst the serenity of nature. Pack a basket filled with local delights and soak in the peaceful ambiance of the park.

Fishing enthusiasts will also find Clifty Falls State Park to be a haven. The park is home to several creeks and streams teeming with a variety of fish species, making it an ideal spot to cast a line and reel in your catch of the day.

During the winter months, when the park is blanketed in snow, Clifty Falls State Park transforms into a winter wonderland. Adventure seekers can try their hand at ice climbing, adding an exhilarating twist to their outdoor experience.

Clifty Falls State Park also offers various camping options, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and spend the night under the stars. Wake up to the melodies of birdsong and the tranquil sounds of the flowing river, ready to embark on another day of exploration.

Clifty Falls State Park Highlights:

  • Spectacular waterfalls cascading through the park
  • Breathtaking views of the Ohio River
  • Abundance of hiking trails through lush forests
  • Scenic picnic areas for a peaceful meal in nature
  • Fishing opportunities in the park’s creeks and streams
  • Exciting winter activities like ice climbing
  • Camping options for a night under the stars

Clifty Falls State Park

Activity Description
Hiking Explore the park’s numerous trails and discover hidden gems along the way
Picnicking Relax and enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by the park’s natural beauty
Fishing Cast a line in the park’s creeks and streams, and try your luck at catching a variety of fish species
Winter Activities Experience the thrill of ice climbing and other winter sports in a snowy wonderland
Camping Spend a night under the stars and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the park’s surroundings

McCormick’s Creek State Park

McCormick’s Creek State Park, Indiana’s first state park, is a historic destination near Terre Haute that offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors. State Parks Terre Haute IN Situated amidst the scenic beauty of Indiana, this park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

One of the highlights of McCormick’s Creek State Park is the natural pool, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in a picturesque setting. Terre Haute Camping Destinations The park also boasts numerous hiking trails that meander through lush forests and lead to stunning waterfalls, providing opportunities for exploration and adventure.

In addition to swimming and hiking, McCormick’s Creek State Park offers horseback riding trails that allow visitors to experience the park’s beauty from a different perspective. With its rich history spanning over a century, this park is a favorite among history buffs as well. Terre Haute Nature Parks Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or a glimpse into Indiana’s past, McCormick’s Creek State Park is a must-visit destination in Terre Haute.


What are the best state parks near Terre Haute, Indiana?

Terre Haute is home to several stunning state parks, including Chain O’ Lakes State Park, Indiana Dunes State Park, Shakamak State Park, Clifty Falls State Park, and McCormick’s Creek State Park.

What kind of recreational activities can I enjoy at Chain O’ Lakes State Park?

At Chain O’ Lakes State Park, you can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping.

What are the main attractions of Indiana Dunes State Park?

Indiana Dunes State Park offers three miles of sandy beaches, stunning dunes, and over 16,000 acres of natural beauty. You can enjoy activities such as hiking, bird-watching, swimming, and picnicking.

What outdoor activities can I do at Shakamak State Park?

Shakamak State Park offers beautiful lakes for fishing and boating, hiking trails, a swimming pool, and even a water slide.

What makes Clifty Falls State Park a popular destination?

Clifty Falls State Park is known for its stunning waterfalls and breathtaking views of the Ohio River. You can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and even winter activities like ice climbing.

What can I do at McCormick’s Creek State Park?

McCormick’s Creek State Park offers a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming in the natural pool, horseback riding, hiking, and exploring waterfalls.

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