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5 State Parks Near Coos Bay OR: Explore the beauty of Oregon

Coos Bay, Oregon is surrounded by stunning state parks that offer a range of outdoor activities and breathtaking natural scenery. From beautiful beaches to lush forests, these state parks near Coos Bay are the perfect destinations for hiking, camping, and enjoying the beauty of Oregon’s coast. Let’s explore the top 5 state parks near Coos Bay that are not to be missed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coos Bay, Oregon is home to several incredible state parks.
  • These state parks offer a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Visitors can enjoy stunning beaches, lush forests, and ocean views.
  • Hiking, camping, and picnicking are popular activities in these state parks.
  • These state parks provide opportunities to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of Oregon’s coast.

Shore Acres State Park

When exploring Coos Bay, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Shore Acres State Park, a true gem among the Coos Bay State Parks. This park offers a mesmerizing experience, combining natural beauty with vibrant botanical gardens. Its unique features and accessibility make it a favorite among visitors.

Nestled along the rugged coastline, Shore Acres State Park provides stunning panoramic ocean views that will leave you in awe. The park’s well-maintained trails and beautiful beach access allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the coastal charm of Coos Bay.

Shore Acres State Park

One of the highlights of Shore Acres State Park is its exquisite botanical garden. Showcasing a formal garden, rose garden, and a serene pond, this garden is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. The walking paths wind through the gardens, providing a peaceful retreat for park visitors.

Shore Acres State Park is also committed to providing an inclusive experience for all visitors. With wheelchair accessibility throughout the park, everyone can enjoy the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views that this state park offers.

Whether you’re looking for a place to picnic with loved ones or wander through stunning gardens, Shore Acres State Park has it all. The combination of its botanical garden, ocean views, and accessible amenities make it a top choice among the State Parks near Coos Bay, OR.

Key Features: Facilities:
Stunning ocean views Picnic areas
Botanical garden with formal garden, rose garden, and pond Restrooms
Beach access Wheelchair accessibility
Walking paths Visitor Center

Cape Arago State Park

Located near Coos Bay, Cape Arago State Park is a hidden gem that offers a variety of outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty. With its scenic views, beautiful beaches, and picnic areas, the park provides the perfect setting for a day of relaxation and exploration.

One of the main attractions of Cape Arago State Park is its volleyball courts, where visitors can engage in friendly matches or simply enjoy watching others play. The park also offers ample space for outdoor activities such as frisbee, kite flying, and tossing a football around.

Beachcombing is a popular activity at Cape Arago State Park, with its shores often yielding treasures like seashells, driftwood, and colorful rocks. Birdwatching enthusiasts will also be delighted by the variety of avian species that call the park home, including gulls, cormorants, and sandpipers. Exploring the tide pools is another highlight of the park, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with fascinating marine life.

The park’s proximity to the ocean provides stunning views of the Pacific coastline, making it an ideal spot for nature photography or simply taking in the awe-inspiring scenery. Visitors can relax on the beach, listen to the crashing waves, and feel the gentle sea breeze against their skin.

Highlights of Cape Arago State Park:

  • Scenic views of the Pacific coastline
  • Beautiful beaches for relaxing and beachcombing
  • Picnic areas for enjoying a meal surrounded by natural beauty
  • Volleyball courts for active outdoor recreation
  • Opportunities for birdwatching and exploring tide pools

Cape Arago State Park is a true paradise for nature lovers. Its breathtaking views, serene beaches, and abundant wildlife make it a must-visit destination near Coos Bay. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply a peaceful getaway, this park has something for everyone.

Mingus Park

While not a traditional state park, Mingus Park is a beautiful green space in Coos Bay that offers a peaceful retreat. The park features a pond, woods, and flowers, creating a serene atmosphere for a leisurely walk or a picnic. It is a popular spot for families, and visitors can also enjoy the park’s playground and skate park.

Park Features:

  • Lush green space
  • Pond
  • Wooded areas
  • Flower gardens
  • Playground
  • Skate park

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or enjoy outdoor activities, Mingus Park is the perfect destination. Take a stroll through the park’s scenic pathways, have a picnic by the pond, or watch your kids play on the playground. The park’s beautiful scenery and family-friendly amenities make it a top choice for both locals and tourists.

“Mingus Park is a hidden gem in Coos Bay. It’s a peaceful retreat where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature.” – Local resident

Located in Coos Bay, Mingus Park is just a short drive away from other popular attractions in the area. It provides a tranquil environment surrounded by nature, offering a welcome respite from the busy city life. Whether you’re a nature lover, a family seeking outdoor fun, or simply looking for a serene spot to relax, Mingus Park is a must-visit when exploring Coos Bay and the surrounding State Parks near Coos Bay OR.

Mingus Park

Elliott State Forest

Elliott State Forest, located near Coos Bay, is a vast forested area that offers a truly immersive experience for nature enthusiasts. This beautiful forest is a haven for hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to escape into the tranquility of the outdoors. With its diverse range of plant and animal species, Elliott State Forest provides a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Oregon.

One of the highlights of Elliott State Forest is the extensive network of hiking trails that weave through the towering trees and lush undergrowth. These trails cater to varying levels of difficulty, ensuring that both amateur and experienced hikers can enjoy the beauty of the forest at their own pace. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, Elliott State Forest has something for everyone.

Elliott State Forest

“The forest is a living, breathing entity, filled with wonders waiting to be discovered. Every step you take reveals a new aspect of its beauty.” – Anonymous

In addition to hiking, Elliott State Forest is also an excellent spot for wildlife spotting. Keep an eye out for deer, elk, and a wide variety of bird species as you explore the forest. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Roosevelt elk, which is native to the area. The forest’s diverse ecosystem provides a thriving habitat for these magnificent creatures.

When planning a visit to Elliott State Forest, it’s a good idea to pack a picnic and take advantage of the designated picnic areas. Enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by the serenity of nature, and make lasting memories with your loved ones. Just remember to leave no trace and carry out any garbage you bring in, keeping the forest pristine for future visitors.

Highlights of Elliott State Forest:

  • Miles of beautiful hiking trails
  • Diverse plant and animal species
  • Opportunities for wildlife spotting
  • Picnic areas for enjoying meals amidst nature

Don’t miss the chance to explore Elliott State Forest during your visit to Coos Bay. It is a remarkable natural treasure that showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of Oregon’s forests.

John Topits Park

When it comes to hidden gems near Coos Bay, John Topits Park is a standout. This picturesque park offers visitors stunning ocean views and a scenic drive through the lush forest. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, John Topits Park has it all.

One of the highlights of this park is its beach access, allowing visitors to enjoy the sandy shoreline and listen to the calming sounds of the ocean. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular parks in the area.

With its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views, John Topits Park is a haven for nature lovers. Whether you’re strolling along the beach or taking a leisurely walk through the forest, this park is sure to captivate your senses and provide a memorable experience.


What activities can I do in the state parks near Coos Bay?

The state parks near Coos Bay offer a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, picnicking, beachcombing, birdwatching, and exploring tide pools. Visitors can also enjoy scenic views, volleyball courts, and space for outdoor activities.

Are these state parks wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Shore Acres State Park in Coos Bay is wheelchair accessible, making it inclusive for all visitors to enjoy the beautiful botanical garden, ocean views, and beach access.

What makes Cape Arago State Park special?

Cape Arago State Park is known for its scenic views, beautiful beaches, and picnic areas. It is also a great spot for beachcombing, birdwatching, and exploring the tide pools, offering abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

What can I find at Mingus Park in Coos Bay?

Mingus Park in Coos Bay is a beautiful green space that offers a peaceful retreat. Visitors can enjoy a pond, woods, and flowers, creating a serene atmosphere for a leisurely walk or a picnic. The park also features a playground and a skate park for additional recreational options.

Is Elliott State Forest a traditional state park?

No, Elliott State Forest is not a traditional state park, but it is located near Coos Bay and offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife spotting, and exploring nature. It is a vast forested area that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of Oregon’s forests.

What can I expect at John Topits Park?

John Topits Park is a hidden gem near Coos Bay that offers great ocean views and a scenic drive through the beautiful forest. Visitors can enjoy beach access and take in the breathtaking views. It is a peaceful and serene place to visit, away from the crowds of more popular parks in the area.

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