Glamping in Ohio

Luxury Camping Escapes: Glamping in Ohio Guide

Imagine waking up to the gentle chirping of birds, the fresh scent of pine trees filling the air, and the soft rays of the morning sun streaming through the canopy above. You step outside your cozy abode, surrounded by nature’s majesty, and breathe in the tranquility of the great outdoors. This is the allure of glamping in Ohio, where luxury meets adventure and unique lodging beckons.

Ohio, known as the Buckeye State, offers an array of glamping experiences that elevate camping to a whole new level. Whether you’re seeking a secluded yurt nestled in the woods, a glamorous dome overlooking breathtaking vistas, or a treehouse perched high among the treetops, Ohio has it all. With its diverse landscapes and remarkable natural beauty, glamping in Ohio is a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature in a luxurious and unforgettable way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Glamping in Ohio offers luxury camping experiences in unique lodging options.
  • Ohio is home to a variety of glamping sites, including yurts, domes, treehouses, RVs, shipping container cabins, and covered wagons.
  • Heritage Farms in Peninsula offers a camping experience rooted in history, while The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls provides glamping domes with a touch of luxury.
  • RV glamping allows travelers to enjoy the comforts of an RV without the hassle of setting it up.
  • Yurts offer a unique blend of tent and cabin, while treehouse glamping allows guests to sleep amongst the treetops.

Located in Peninsula, Ohio, Heritage Farms offers a unique glamping experience on a historic 115-acre farm. This fifth-generation family farm, founded in 1848, seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with cozy retreats for campers seeking outdoor accommodations in Ohio. With 47 camping sites, including shelters and tent-only sites, Heritage Farms provides a range of options to suit every glamping enthusiast’s preferences.

At Heritage Farms, you can immerse yourself in the rustic setting while enjoying the comforts of a cozy retreat. Whether you prefer pitching a tent or staying in one of their shelters, this glamping destination promises a cozy and memorable experience. Each camping site can accommodate up to six campers, ensuring plenty of space for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors together.

To preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings, campers are required to adhere to certain rules at Heritage Farms. This includes carrying their gear to the site and refraining from bringing in outside firewood, ensuring the preservation of the farm’s ecosystem.

“Heritage Farms offers a unique blend of history and outdoor accommodations, providing guests with a comfortable and safe glamping experience.”

Despite the rustic setting, Heritage Farms takes pride in offering modern amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and safe glamping experience for all guests. Whether you’re gathering around a campfire, exploring the farm’s trails, or simply enjoying the peacefulness of nature, Heritage Farms offers a cozy retreat where you can connect with the past while enjoying the present.

Heritage Farms: At a Glance

Location Accommodations Maximum Capacity
Peninsula, Ohio 47 camping sites including shelters and tent-only sites Up to six campers per site

Experience the allure of Heritage Farms and embark on a glamping adventure rooted in history. From exploring the farm’s rich heritage to unwinding amidst the picturesque landscapes, this outdoor retreat offers a truly memorable experience for those seeking cozy retreats in Ohio.

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls: Glamping Domes with a Touch of Luxury

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills State Park, offers glamping domes that combine the comforts of a hotel with the outdoor charm of camping. These spacious 30-foot diameter yurts feature king-size beds, kitchenettes, full bathrooms, and beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The domes are heated and air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable stay throughout the year. With their prime location in Hocking Hills, guests can explore nearby caves, waterfalls, and hiking trails, making it an ideal spot for glamorous camping in Ohio.

If you’re looking to experience the beauty of nature without sacrificing the luxury of a hotel, the glamping domes at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls are the perfect choice. These unique accommodations offer a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings while enjoying the comforts of home.

Experience Luxury in a Serene Setting

When you step inside one of the glamping domes at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, you’ll immediately feel the sense of tranquility and relaxation. The spacious interior is elegantly decorated, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The domes are equipped with all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay, including a king-size bed with luxurious linens, a kitchenette with a mini-fridge and coffee maker, and a full bathroom with a shower.

Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee on your private deck or lounging in the comfortable seating area inside, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views of the natural landscape. The large windows allow plenty of natural light to fill the space, bringing the outdoors in and creating a sense of harmony with nature.

Explore the Beauty of Hocking Hills

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is ideally located in Hocking Hills State Park, one of Ohio’s most scenic natural areas. From your glamping dome, you’ll have easy access to a variety of outdoor activities and attractions.

Take a hike through the park’s picturesque trails and discover stunning waterfalls, breathtaking cliffs, and serene forests. Explore ancient caves and rock formations, such as Ash Cave and Old Man’s Cave, or go horseback riding through the rolling hills and valleys.

The park also offers opportunities for fishing, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking to unwind in a peaceful setting, Hocking Hills has something for everyone.

Glamping in Ohio

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the luxuries of glamping at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Book your stay today and experience a unique and unforgettable getaway in the heart of Ohio.

RV Glamping: The Best of Both Worlds

For those who want the comfort of an RV without the hassle of setting it up, Ohio offers RV glamping options. Campgrounds throughout the state allow guests to choose their preferred RV online and have it delivered and set up at their chosen campsite. This eliminates the need for driving and setting up the RV, allowing campers to enjoy the best of both worlds. Some RVs come fully stocked with amenities like king-size beds, TVs, and kitchens, providing an upscale camping experience for travelers looking for a bit of luxury on their glamping trip.

RV glamping combines the convenience and comfort of a recreational vehicle with the tranquility and natural beauty of camping. It offers the perfect solution for those who appreciate the freedom and mobility of an RV, but still want to indulge in a luxurious outdoor experience.

With Ohio’s RV glamping options, you can leave the stress of RV setup and maintenance behind. Simply book your preferred RV online, choose your desired campsite, and the RV will be delivered and set up for you upon arrival. This allows you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time on logistics.

RV glamping in Ohio provides a range of amenities to cater to your comfort and convenience. From spacious living areas and fully equipped kitchens to plush beds and modern entertainment systems, RVs offer all the comforts of home. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or solo, there are RV options to accommodate different group sizes and preferences.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of RV glamping in Ohio:

Benefits of RV Glamping in Ohio
Convenience of pre-set up RV
Luxurious amenities
Flexibility to choose your campsite
Spacious living areas
Comfortable sleeping arrangements
Modern entertainment systems

Whether you’re looking to explore Ohio’s stunning natural landscapes or simply unwind in a tranquil setting, RV glamping provides the perfect solution. Experience the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of an RV with the luxury of a glamping retreat.

Yurts: A Unique Blend of Tent and Cabin

Experience the perfect combination of comfort and adventure with yurt glamping in Ohio. Yurts are circular structures built on wooden platforms that offer a cozy retreat for campers seeking a luxurious camping experience. These unique accommodations provide a blend of the convenience found in a cabin and the charm of sleeping under canvas.

Ohio is home to various state parks that offer yurts for overnight stays, making it an ideal destination for luxury camping enthusiasts. Whether you choose to stay at The Wilds in Columbus or Kelleys Island State Park Campground, you’ll find yurts that provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The Wilds

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, The Wilds offers an unparalleled glamping experience surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenic landscapes. The yurts at The Wilds provide a tranquil retreat where guests can relax and immerse themselves in nature. Each yurt features a fully equipped kitchen, a private bathroom, and comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to six people.

Kelleys Island State Park Campground

Located on Kelleys Island, Kelleys Island State Park Campground offers yurt accommodations that provide a unique camping experience on the shores of Lake Erie. These spacious yurts come with modern amenities, including a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and cozy sleeping quarters for up to six people. Wake up to stunning lake views and spend your days exploring the island’s hiking trails and scenic beauty.

Glamping in Ohio

Staying in a yurt allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Ohio’s nature while still enjoying the comforts of home. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a solo retreat, yurts provide a luxurious and unique lodging option for glampers of all kinds.

Treehouse Glamping: Sleeping Amongst the Treetops

Ohio offers a variety of treehouse glamping options, allowing guests to sleep amongst the treetops and experience nature in a unique way. Locations like Hocking Hills and Amish Country have treehouse rentals with all the modern amenities, including comfortable beds, full kitchens, and breathtaking views. Whether it’s the Beech Treehouse in Hocking Hills or Mohicans Treehouse Resort in Amish Country, these treehouse accommodations provide a one-of-a-kind glamping experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the rustling of leaves as you step out onto your private balcony. The air is crisp, and the scent of fresh pine surrounds you. As you sip your morning coffee, you take in the panoramic views of the forest canopy, feeling at one with nature.

Treehouse glamping in Ohio offers a unique and enchanting escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or someone looking for a romantic getaway, these treehouse accommodations cater to all types of travelers.

“Sleeping in a treehouse is like being transported to a fairytale. It’s a magical experience that allows you to reconnect with the natural world and find peace amidst the towering trees,” says Sarah Johnson, a frequent treehouse glamping enthusiast.

The Beech Treehouse in Hocking Hills

“The Beech Treehouse is a true gem nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills. With its rustic charm and modern amenities, it offers the perfect balance between luxury and nature. The open-air deck is perfect for stargazing, and the cozy interior makes you feel right at home. It’s an experience I highly recommend!” – Sarah Johnson

The Beech Treehouse, located in Hocking Hills, is a prime example of the stunning treehouse accommodations available in Ohio. This two-story treehouse features a spacious interior with a living area, kitchenette, and a comfortable bedroom. The outdoor deck provides a perfect spot to relax and admire the surrounding woodland.

Guests at the Beech Treehouse can enjoy all the comforts of home, including air conditioning, heating, and a private bathroom. The treehouse is equipped with modern amenities like a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and a cozy fireplace, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay.

One of the highlights of the Beech Treehouse is its close proximity to Hocking Hills State Park, which offers a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, zip-lining, and horseback riding. After a day of adventure, guests can return to their peaceful treehouse retreat, unwind in the hot tub, or cozy up by the fire pit.

Mohicans Treehouse Resort in Amish Country

“The Mohicans Treehouse Resort is a hidden gem in Amish Country. The treehouses are beautifully designed and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. It’s a serene and romantic retreat that exceeded all my expectations.” – Sarah Johnson

If you’re seeking a unique glamping experience in Amish Country, look no further than the Mohicans Treehouse Resort. Nestled in 75 acres of pristine forest, this resort boasts a collection of stunning treehouses that redefine luxury camping.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort offers a variety of treehouse accommodations, each with its own distinctive features. From the Little Red Treehouse with its vintage-inspired design to the Moonlight Treehouse with its panoramic windows, every treehouse provides a cozy and secluded escape.

Guests at the Mohicans Treehouse Resort can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including plush beds, fully equipped kitchens, and private bathrooms. Each treehouse also features a spacious outdoor deck with a hot tub and a grill, perfect for enjoying romantic dinners under the stars.

Located near Amish Country’s charming towns and scenic countryside, the Mohicans Treehouse Resort allows guests to explore the area’s rich culture and natural beauty. Whether you’re savoring homemade Amish meals or taking a leisurely bike ride through the countryside, this glamping destination offers a truly unforgettable experience.

Treehouse Name Location Amenities Price Range (per night)
The Beech Treehouse Hocking Hills Private deck, kitchenette, bathroom, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, fireplace $200 – $300
Moonlight Treehouse Mohicans Treehouse Resort, Amish Country Outdoor deck with hot tub and grill, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, panoramic windows $300 – $400

Shipping Container Cabins: A Modern Twist on Glamping

For those looking for a modern twist on glamping, Ohio offers shipping container cabins that provide a unique and contemporary accommodation option. The Box Hop in Hocking Hills and the Riverside Hideout in North Central Ohio are just a couple of examples of shipping container cabins that have been transformed into cozy retreats. These cabins feature all the amenities you would expect in a traditional cabin, including comfortable beds, full baths, and stunning views of the surrounding nature.

If you’re ready to experience glamping in Ohio like never before, then shipping container cabins are the perfect choice. These innovative accommodations combine the comfort and convenience of a cabin with the environmentally friendly appeal of repurposed shipping containers.

Step inside The Box Hop and be greeted by a stylish and inviting space that boasts a well-appointed interior. The open concept design creates a spacious and modern atmosphere, while large windows allow natural light and scenic views to flood the cabin. Whether you’re relaxing in the comfortable living area, cooking a meal in the fully equipped kitchen, or enjoying a peaceful slumber in the cozy bedroom, The Box Hop has everything you need for a memorable glamping experience.

The Riverside Hideout offers a unique riverside location, allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the comforts of a luxurious getaway. The cabin features a private deck with picturesque views of the river, making it the perfect spot for morning coffee or evening relaxation. Inside, you’ll find a well-designed space that combines rustic charm with modern amenities, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Glamping in Ohio

Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or a peaceful escape, shipping container cabins in Ohio offer a truly one-of-a-kind glamping experience. With their unique architecture, modern design, and beautiful surroundings, these cabins provide a memorable stay for glampers seeking something out of the ordinary.

Shipping Container Cabin Comparison

Cabin Location Amenities Price per Night
The Box Hop Hocking Hills Fully equipped kitchen, full bath, cozy bedroom $200
Riverside Hideout North Central Ohio Private deck with river views, well-designed interior $150

As you can see from the comparison table, both The Box Hop and the Riverside Hideout offer unique features and amenities. While The Box Hop provides a more spacious interior and a slightly higher price point, the Riverside Hideout offers a tranquil riverside location and a more affordable option for budget-conscious glampers.

When it comes to glamping in Ohio, shipping container cabins are the perfect choice for those seeking a modern and eco-friendly experience. Whether you choose The Box Hop or the Riverside Hideout, you’ll be treated to a unique and luxurious stay amidst the natural beauty of Ohio’s landscapes.

Covered Wagons: Step Back in Time

To truly step back in time and experience a unique glamping adventure, Ohio offers covered wagon accommodations. Hilltop Resorts and Campgrounds in the Hocking Hills area provide Conestoga covered wagons for overnight stays. These covered wagons feature king-sized beds and bunk beds, offering a comfortable sleeping arrangement for families. With their rustic charm and historical significance, staying in a covered wagon allows guests to immerse themselves in the nostalgia of the past while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Experience the allure of the Old West with a glamping trip in a Conestoga covered wagon. Hilltop Resorts and Campgrounds in the picturesque Hocking Hills area offer an opportunity to travel back in time while enjoying the comforts of a modern vacation. The sturdy and spacious covered wagons provide a unique and cozy accommodation option surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

Each Conestoga wagon is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and memorable glamping experience. Featuring a king-sized bed and bunk beds, these wagons can comfortably sleep families or small groups. Decorated with rustic furnishings and carefully selected decor, guests will feel transported to a bygone era as they settle in for the night.

The covered wagons at Hilltop Resorts and Campgrounds are situated amidst stunning natural surroundings, allowing guests to truly appreciate the beauty of Ohio’s nature. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and gentle rustling of leaves, and step outside to breathe in the crisp, fresh air while enjoying picturesque views.

Experience the charm of the Old West with a unique and unforgettable glamping experience in a Conestoga covered wagon. Nestled in the Hocking Hills area, Hilltop Resorts and Campgrounds provide a perfect blend of history, comfort, and natural beauty. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones while immersing yourself in Ohio’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes.

During your stay in a covered wagon, take the time to explore the surrounding area and discover the wonders of Ohio’s nature getaways. From hiking trails to scenic overlooks and hidden waterfalls, the Hocking Hills area offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration. Spend your days hiking through lush forests, canoeing along winding rivers, or simply relaxing amidst the tranquility of nature.

Embrace the simplicity and charm of a bygone era with covered wagon glamping in Ohio. Whether you’re looking for a unique family vacation or a romantic retreat, the Conestoga covered wagons at Hilltop Resorts and Campgrounds provide a truly special experience. Step back in time and create cherished memories as you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the nostalgia of the Old West.

At a Glance: Covered Wagon Glamping

Accommodation Sleeping Capacity Features
Conestoga Covered Wagon King-sized bed & bunk beds Rustic charm, historical significance


Glamping in Ohio offers a wide range of options for travelers seeking a unique and luxurious camping experience. Whether you prefer the cozy charm of a yurt or the thrill of sleeping amongst the treetops in a treehouse, Ohio has it all. With its beautiful natural landscapes and well-equipped accommodations, the Buckeye State is the perfect destination for luxury camping enthusiasts.

From the rustic elegance of Heritage Farms to the modern comfort of shipping container cabins, glampers can find their perfect retreat in Ohio. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls offers glamorous camping domes with all the amenities of a hotel, while RV glamping allows guests to enjoy the convenience of an RV without the hassle of setting it up.

So pack your bags and embark on a glamping adventure in Ohio. Explore the unique lodging options, immerse yourself in nature, and indulge in the comforts of luxury camping. Your glamping getaway awaits!


What is glamping?

Glamping is a form of camping that combines the luxuries and comforts of a hotel with the immersive experience of being in nature. It offers unique lodging options that are more upscale and glamorous than traditional camping.

Where can I go glamping in Ohio?

Ohio offers a variety of glamping sites throughout the state. Some popular locations include Heritage Farms, The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills State Park, and various state parks that offer yurts and treehouse accommodations.

What types of accommodations are available for glamping in Ohio?

Ohio has a range of glamping accommodations, including yurts, treehouses, RVs, shipping container cabins, and even covered wagons. Each offers a unique experience and different levels of luxury and comfort.

Are glamping accommodations in Ohio well-equipped?

Yes, most glamping accommodations in Ohio are well-equipped with amenities such as comfortable beds, kitchenettes or full kitchens, bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, and stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Do I need to bring my own camping gear for glamping in Ohio?

No, for most glamping sites in Ohio, you do not need to bring your own camping gear. The accommodations are pre-set with everything you need for a comfortable stay. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific glamping site for any equipment or supplies you may need to bring.

Can I book RV glamping in Ohio?

Yes, many campgrounds in Ohio offer RV glamping options where you can choose an RV online and have it delivered and set up at your chosen campsite. This eliminates the need for driving and setting up the RV yourself, providing a convenient and luxurious camping experience.

Are glamping accommodations in Ohio pet-friendly?

It depends on the specific glamping site. Some glamping accommodations in Ohio are pet-friendly, while others may have restrictions or require an additional fee. It’s best to check with the site beforehand to confirm their pet policy.

What is the cost of glamping in Ohio?

The cost of glamping in Ohio can vary depending on the location, type of accommodation, amenities, and time of year. Prices can range from around $100 to $500 or more per night. It’s recommended to check with the specific glamping site for their current rates.

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