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Explore the Natural Beauty of Chemin-A-Haut State Park in Louisiana

Chemin-A-Haut State Park, located in northeastern Louisiana, offers a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty of the region. The park gets its name from the French phrase meaning “high road,” which was used by Native Americans for seasonal migrations. With its diverse range of activities and breathtaking landscapes, this state park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chemin-A-Haut State Park is a stunning natural destination in Louisiana.
  • Outdoor adventure enthusiasts can enjoy nature walks and explore the park.
  • The park offers picnic areas and scenic landscapes.
  • Visiting Chemin-A-Haut State Park is a great way to experience the beauty of northeastern Louisiana.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history and diverse wildlife of the area.

Essential Information for Visiting Chemin-A-Haut State Park

Essential Information for Visiting Chemin-A-Haut State Park

When planning a visit to Chemin-A-Haut State Park, it’s important to have some essential information at hand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are the key details you need to know:

Park History

Chemin-A-Haut State Park has a rich history that dates back to the time of Native American tribes who used the area for seasonal migrations. The park gets its name from the French phrase meaning “high road,” which refers to the path used by these tribes. Today, visitors can explore the park’s historical significance through interpretive exhibits and learn about the cultural heritage of the region.

Planning Your Visit

Before visiting Chemin-A-Haut State Park, it’s advisable to check the park’s operating hours and any seasonal closures. The park offers a range of activities, from hiking and horseback riding to swimming and picnicking. It’s a good idea to bring your own food, as there are limited dining options available within the park. Additionally, be sure to pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and comfortable footwear to fully enjoy the outdoor adventures that await you.

Entrance Fee Accommodations
$3 per person Cabins and primitive campsites
Free for seniors aged 62 and older
Free for children aged 3 and younger

Chemin-A-Haut State Park charges an entrance fee of $3 per person, with free admission for seniors aged 62 and older, and children aged 3 and younger. This fee helps maintain the park’s facilities and preserve its natural beauty. The park offers a range of accommodations, including cozy cabins and primitive campsites for those who want to extend their stay and immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings of the park.

With this essential information in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your visit to Chemin-A-Haut State Park. So, pack your bags, get ready to explore, and create unforgettable memories amidst Louisiana’s natural splendor.

Park Highlights and Recreational Activities at Chemin-A-Haut State Park

Chemin-A-Haut State Park

When visiting Chemin-A-Haut State Park, there are plenty of exciting highlights and recreational activities to enjoy. The park offers a diverse range of outdoor experiences that cater to individuals of all ages and interests. Whether you prefer hiking through scenic trails, camping under the stars, or observing wildlife in their natural habitats, this state park has something for everyone.

Hiking Trails

One of the main highlights of Chemin-A-Haut State Park is its extensive network of hiking trails. These trails wind through the park’s woodlands, offering captivating views of Bayou Bartholomew along the way. From leisurely strolls to challenging treks, there are trails suitable for all skill levels. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of flora and fauna that can be observed while exploring these paths.

Camping Facilities

For those seeking an immersive outdoor experience, Chemin-A-Haut State Park provides well-equipped camping facilities. Whether you prefer tent camping or staying in a cabin, the park offers options to suit your preferences. Set up camp amidst the natural beauty of the park and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Campfires, stargazing, and bonding with family and friends are just some of the memorable experiences that await.

Wildlife Viewing and Birdwatching

Chemin-A-Haut State Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The park is home to a diverse array of species, making it an excellent spot for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. Keep an eye out for deer, squirrels, rabbits, and various bird species as you explore the park’s trails. Bring your binoculars and camera to capture the beauty of these creatures in their natural habitats.

With its captivating hiking trails, well-equipped camping facilities, and opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching, Chemin-A-Haut State Park offers a fulfilling outdoor experience. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or connection with nature, a visit to this state park is sure to leave lasting memories.

Exploring the Area and Nearby Parks and Trails

While Chemin-A-Haut State Park boasts stunning natural beauty within its boundaries, there are also plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area and discover nearby parks and trails. From historical museums to wildlife refuges, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit.

The Snyder Museum

Located in Bastrop, the Snyder Museum is a worthwhile stop for history enthusiasts. This museum provides a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region, showcasing exhibits that highlight the area’s history, including artifacts and photographs. Visitors can learn about the early settlers, indigenous tribes, and the impact of the Louisiana Purchase on the region’s development.

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

For those seeking outdoor adventure, the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Monroe is a must-visit destination. This refuge offers various activities, such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation. Exploring the diverse ecosystems within the refuge, visitors can spot a variety of bird species, including migratory birds, as well as alligators, turtles, and other native wildlife.

Poverty Point World Heritage Site

If you have an interest in ancient history, a visit to the Poverty Point World Heritage Site in Delhi is highly recommended. This archaeological site showcases prehistoric Native American earthworks, including mounds and ridges that date back thousands of years. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the fascinating culture and engineering achievements of the Poverty Point civilization.

Additional Resources

For additional resources and information to enhance your visit to Chemin-A-Haut State Park, be sure to check out the official websites of the Snyder Museum, Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and the Poverty Point World Heritage Site. These websites provide detailed information on opening hours, guided tours, and any special events or exhibits that may be available during your visit.

Park/Attraction Location Highlights
Snyder Museum Bastrop History exhibits, cultural heritage, Louisiana Purchase
Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Monroe Hiking, fishing, wildlife observation, diverse ecosystems
Poverty Point World Heritage Site Delhi Prehistoric earthworks, guided tours, ancient history

These nearby attractions complement the natural beauty found at Chemin-A-Haut State Park, providing visitors with a well-rounded and enriching experience. Whether you choose to delve into the history of the region, embark on outdoor adventures, or explore ancient archaeological sites, the area surrounding Chemin-A-Haut State Park offers something truly special for every visitor.


As I conclude my exploration of Chemin-A-Haut State Park, I am reminded of the incredible outdoor adventure and natural beauty this park has to offer. From the moment I entered the park, I was greeted by the stunning landscapes and the sense of tranquility that envelops the area.

The extensive network of nature walks and hiking trails allowed me to immerse myself in the breathtaking scenery. Whether it was traversing the woodlands or admiring the picturesque views of Bayou Bartholomew, each step was a testament to the wonders of nature.

The park’s well-maintained picnic areas provided the perfect spot to rest and recharge while enjoying a delightful meal in the fresh air. The peaceful ambiance and the soothing sounds of nature truly made these picnic areas a haven for relaxation and connection with loved ones.

Chemin-A-Haut State Park is a true gem for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It offers a plethora of outdoor activities, from hiking and birdwatching to camping and horseback riding. Whether you seek adventure or seek solace in the beauty of nature, this park has something to offer.


What activities are available at Chemin-A-Haut State Park?

Chemin-A-Haut State Park offers a swimming pool, playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, and horseback riding trails.

How much is the entrance fee to the park?

The entrance fee to Chemin-A-Haut State Park is $3 per person. Seniors aged 62 and older and children aged 3 and younger get free admission.

What accommodations are available at the park?

Chemin-A-Haut State Park offers cabins and primitive campsites for overnight stays.

What can visitors do at Chemin-A-Haut State Park?

Visitors can enjoy scenic hiking trails, go birdwatching, participate in wildlife viewing, and explore the woodlands and Bayou Bartholomew.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit?

Yes, visitors can visit the Snyder Museum in Bastrop, the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Monroe, and the Poverty Point World Heritage Site in Delhi.

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