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Ainsworth State Park: Explore Oregon

Welcome to Ainsworth State Park, where you can experience the natural wonders of Oregon in all their glory. Located in the picturesque Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Ainsworth State Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With breathtaking views of the gorge, enchanting waterfalls, and a serene campground, this park offers a truly immersive experience in the heart of Oregon’s natural beauty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immerse yourself in the stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge at Ainsworth State Park.
  • Explore the park’s hiking trails to witness beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking scenic vistas.
  • Enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including camping, biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.
  • Experience the tranquility of the campground and take advantage of the park’s amenities.
  • Discover other attractions in the area, such as Multnomah Falls and the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Essential Information about Ainsworth State Park

Ainsworth State Park is a scenic riverside state park nestled in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. It offers a range of amenities and activities for visitors, including camping sites, picnic areas, and picturesque hiking trails.

The park is open for camping from March 18th to October 31st, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beautiful Oregon wilderness during the warmer months. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a novice looking to try out camping for the first time, Ainsworth State Park has you covered.

State park in Oregon

For campers, Ainsworth State Park provides approximately 40 full-hookup sites, six walk-in non-hookup sites, and designated hiker/biker sites. You can choose the option that suits your camping needs and preferences. The park also offers convenient amenities such as flush toilets, showers, and a dump station, ensuring a comfortable camping experience.

If you prefer tent camping, you’ll be pleased to know that tent camping is allowed at all campsites. Set up your tent in the midst of nature and enjoy the tranquility of the park.

In addition to camping, Ainsworth State Park boasts scenic picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy a meal amidst stunning natural surroundings. Gather with family and friends, savor a picnic lunch, and take in the breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge.

To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Ainsworth State Park, don’t forget to explore its hiking trails. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a journey through nature. Discover hidden waterfalls, marvel at the lush greenery, and soak in the awe-inspiring landscapes that make this park truly special.

Park Highlights at Ainsworth State Park

Ainsworth State Park offers a myriad of attractions and natural wonders that make it a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park boasts a network of stunning hiking trails that lead to breathtaking waterfalls and provide panoramic views of the majestic Columbia River Gorge.

One of the park’s standout features is the Horsetail and Ponytail Falls Trail. This scenic trail takes hikers on a mesmerizing journey to the top of Horsetail and Ponytail Falls, treating them to the sight of cascading water against a lush green backdrop. The trail is a photographer’s dream, offering numerous opportunities to capture the beauty of nature.

Another popular trail at Ainsworth State Park is the Latourell Falls Loop Trail. This enchanting trail offers captivating views of Latourell Falls and the surrounding forest, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. The vibrant colors and sheer power of the waterfall create a truly unforgettable experience.

Visitors to Ainsworth State Park can also explore other remarkable waterfalls in the area, such as Bridal Veil Falls. Each waterfall has its unique charm and creates an idyllic atmosphere that complements the park’s natural beauty.

Whether you’re an avid hiker seeking adventure or a nature lover craving scenic views, Ainsworth State Park promises an unforgettable experience surrounded by the splendor of Oregon’s outdoor wonders.

Activities at Ainsworth State Park

When visiting Ainsworth State Park, outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat with a variety of thrilling activities to choose from. Whether you’re an avid hiker, cyclist, angler, or wildlife lover, this park has something for everyone.

Hiking: Lace up your boots and explore the numerous hiking trails that crisscross through the park. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and discover the hidden gems of Ainsworth State Park.

Biking: Hop on your bike and hit the trails that wind through the park’s picturesque landscape. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you pedal through the crisp forest air.

Fishing: Cast your line into the Columbia River and test your skills against the local fish species. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, fishing at Ainsworth State Park is a rewarding experience.

Wildlife Viewing: Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse wildlife that calls Ainsworth State Park home. From soaring eagles to playful otters, you never know what captivating creatures you might encounter.

Water Sports: With the Columbia River just a stone’s throw away, thrill-seekers can indulge in a range of water sports such as wind surfing and kiteboarding. Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the river as you indulge in these exhilarating activities.

Outdoor activities

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a peaceful escape into nature, Ainsworth State Park offers an array of outdoor activities to enjoy. So pack your gear, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this captivating park.

Accommodations at Ainsworth State Park

In order to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors, Ainsworth State Park offers a variety of accommodations and facilities. Whether you prefer camping in an RV or pitching a tent, there are options available to suit your needs.

RV Hookups:

If you are traveling in an RV, Ainsworth State Park has you covered with RV hookups. These convenient sites provide electrical, water, and sewer connections, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Tent Camping:

For those who prefer a more traditional camping experience, the park also offers tent camping sites. Set up your tent among the trees and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the campground. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and the fresh scent of the forest.


To ensure your comfort during your stay, Ainsworth State Park provides essential facilities. You’ll have access to flush toilets and hot showers, allowing you to freshen up after a day of outdoor adventure. Firewood is also available for sale, so you can cozy up by the campfire in the evenings.

RV hookups

Whether you choose to camp in an RV or pitch a tent, Ainsworth State Park offers a serene and picturesque setting for your outdoor getaway. Explore the park’s hiking trails, take in the scenic views, and relax by the campfire under the starry sky. It’s the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Exploring the Area around Ainsworth State Park

Ainsworth State Park is nestled in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, a region renowned for its natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors to the park have easy access to a plethora of nearby attractions that showcase the unique charm and splendor of the area.

1. Multnomah Falls

Columbia River Gorge

One must-visit attraction near Ainsworth State Park is Multnomah Falls. This stunning waterfall, standing at an impressive 620 feet, is a sight to behold. Surrounded by lush forestry and picturesque landscapes, it offers a fantastic opportunity for hikers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

2. Historic Columbia River Highway

The Historic Columbia River Highway is another notable nearby attraction. This scenic highway winds its way through the breathtaking landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge. Offering panoramic views and access to various viewpoints, it is a perfect route for a leisurely drive or a memorable cycling experience.

3. Vista House at Crown Point

High above the Columbia River, perched atop the scenic Crown Point, lies the Vista House. This historic observatory offers captivating views of the gorge and is a popular spot for stunning panoramas and photographs. Visitors can also explore the exhibits and learn about the rich history and geology of the area.

4. Pacific Crest Trail

For adventure seekers and avid hikers, the Pacific Crest Trail is within reach from Ainsworth State Park. This iconic long-distance trail traverses through picturesque landscapes, including the Columbia River Gorge. Exploring sections of the trail allows visitors to experience the region’s natural wonders, diverse ecosystems, and magnificent vistas.

5. Nearby Cities

Ainsworth State Park is conveniently located near several cities, including Gresham, Portland, Cascade Locks, and Hood River. These cities offer various attractions, dining options, shopping opportunities, and cultural experiences that complement a visit to the park.

With such a wealth of nearby attractions, Ainsworth State Park serves as an ideal basecamp for exploring the captivating wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. Whether you seek adventure, natural beauty, or cultural exploration, the surrounding area has something to offer every visitor.

Services and Facilities at Ainsworth State Park

Ainsworth State Park offers a range of services and facilities to enhance your visit to this beautiful destination. Whether you’re staying overnight or just spending the day exploring, the park ensures your comfort and convenience.

Park Facilities

The park provides essential amenities to make your stay enjoyable. The clean and well-maintained flush toilets and showers are available for campers, ensuring a refreshing experience after a day of outdoor activities. For campers looking to enjoy a cozy campfire, firewood is conveniently available for purchase.


When it comes to parking, Ainsworth State Park offers ample space for campers and day visitors. You can easily find a parking spot, providing peace of mind and convenience during your visit. Just park your vehicle and start exploring this beautiful park and its surrounding areas.


The weather in Ainsworth State Park can vary significantly throughout the year. Summers can be warm, with temperatures reaching the mid-80s, providing an ideal time for outdoor activities and enjoying the park’s natural beauty. However, winters can be cooler, with temperatures in the high-40s. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your trip and pack accordingly.

Parking at Ainsworth State Park

Plan your visit to Ainsworth State Park during the summer or fall to make the most of the pleasant weather and enjoy everything the park has to offer.

Park History and Planning Your Visit to Ainsworth State Park

Ainsworth State Park is not only a scenic destination but also a place steeped in history. Established many years ago, the park carries the legacy of the past and offers visitors an opportunity to learn about its rich heritage. During your visit, take the time to explore the park’s history and significance, immersing yourself in the stories and events that have shaped this beautiful natural haven.

When planning your trip to Ainsworth State Park, I highly recommend checking the park’s website for any updates or closures. It’s always important to stay informed and be prepared for any changes in operating hours or access. By staying up-to-date with the latest information, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, without any unexpected surprises.

While Ainsworth State Park offers a wealth of recreational activities and breathtaking scenery, it’s worth considering exploring other nearby parks and trails in the area. The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail and the famous Pacific Crest Trail are just a few options you might consider adding to your itinerary. These additional parks and trails provide unique experiences and opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the region.

For further assistance and resources to enhance your visit to Ainsworth State Park, you can find a wealth of information online. Visitor guides, maps, and other useful resources can be accessed through various websites, providing valuable insights and assistance in planning your adventure. Additionally, upon arrival at the park, you can also obtain visitor guides and maps from the park’s information center, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to make the most of your visit.


What are the camping dates at Ainsworth State Park?

Ainsworth State Park is open for camping from March 18th to October 31st.

How many camping sites are available at Ainsworth State Park?

Ainsworth State Park provides approximately 40 full-hookup sites, six walk-in non-hookup sites, and designated hiker/biker sites.

Are pets allowed at Ainsworth State Park?

Yes, pets are allowed in the park, but they must be kept on a leash.

What activities can visitors enjoy at Ainsworth State Park?

Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and various water sports such as wind surfing and kiteboarding.

What facilities does the campground at Ainsworth State Park offer?

The campground at Ainsworth State Park offers flush toilets, showers, and firewood for sale.

What are some nearby attractions to explore around Ainsworth State Park?

Nearby attractions include Multnomah Falls, the Historic Columbia River Highway, Vista House at Crown Point, and the Pacific Crest Trail.

What services and facilities are provided at Ainsworth State Park?

Ainsworth State Park provides flush toilets, showers, and firewood for sale. There is ample parking available for campers and day visitors.

Can visitors learn about the park’s history during their visit?

Yes, visitors can learn more about the park’s history and significance during their visit.

How can visitors plan their trip to Ainsworth State Park?

Visitors should check the park’s website for any updates or closures. They can also explore other nearby parks and trails and find additional resources online or at the park.

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